Series Overview: 

We all love an underdog story. We love to see somebody who isn’t supposed to succeed rise up above their circumstances and become something nobody expected them to be. But sometimes we look at our own lives and feel like we could never do something like “that” person did. We feel like we

David is the ultimate example of an underdog. As a boy, he stepped out in faith and defeated Goliath when nobody else had the courage. He was clearly outmatched, but God used him anyway. 

Later in David’s life, even after he had his way with Bathsheba and killed her husband to cover it up, God used him to prepare the way for the coming of Christ. 

David is the ultimate example that God cause use anybody to further His kingdom - even when we feel small, or like we’ve messed up. God’s in the business of doing extraordinary things with the least likely among us.

Suggested Passage(s):

1 Samuel 17
2 Samuel 11 and 12
1 Peter 2:4-10

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