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When God sent His son to earth, he didn’t just come to die on a cross. He was on a rescue mission. He came to save us from eternal separation with him by preaching the Gospel of grace and truth. In Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia, he reminds them of this Gospel, and that if anybody preaches a different one they are not to be trusted. He reminds the people of Galatia that Christ came to rescue them, just as he rescued Paul. 

It’s a message that we all-too-often forget. But it’s a message we need to be reminded of daily. Paul’s letter to the churches in Galatia is not only a reminder of the rescue mission that Christ came on for us, but it’s a reminder of the rescue mission we are called to continue. We live in a world of lost and broken people who desperately need the love, grace and truth of the Gospel. Paul equips us with the fruits of the Spirit and calls us to continue the rescue mission started by Christ himself.

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